The harley v rod, a masterpiece of art and engineering

When it comes lớn classic Harley-Davidson motorcycles, they may have the brawn, but they are not without beauty. Some say their motors could pass as art, và perhaps one of best testaments to this statement is the V-Rod.

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In 2001, the Harley V Rod was a revolutionary first thành viên of a liquid-cooled family of performance custom motorcycles. The V-Rod represented many firsts for the motorcycle industry, but underneath the anodized aluminum bodywork and stylized radiator cover, aside from all that slick styling and custom performance, is the hard-earned result of the collaboration between engineers and stylists khổng lồ create a masterpiece.

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The Harley V Rod: Brutally Beautiful.

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The V-Rod packs a Revolution engine that was co-developed with Porsche, based on the VR-1000 Superbike Harley Davidson engine (a 115 hp V-twin liquid-cooled engine with four valves per cylinder, 60-degree V double-overhead cams, & side-by-side connecting rods) that was used in competitive drag racing. The makers of the V-Rod engine, Porsche’s Engineering Group, felt that a liquid-cooled engine would produce more power nguồn than air-cooled, & deliver the same high performance, while the four valves per cylinder would provide volumetric efficiency. The V-Rod would have the first water-cooled engine in Harley-Davidson"s history.

The Revolution engine proved it was reliable, as well as powerful, when countless perfection tests were performed on the engine in Germany. The engine spent more hours in a Düsseldorf demo wind tunnel than even a Porsche sports oto before successfully reaching 500 hours of non-stop thử nghiệm time. Such a unique, và intense, design shows how meticulous effort went into combining engineering & styling lớn create something khổng lồ behold, which was a lightweight và sharp-looking addition lớn a cruiser class of motorcycles. But it would be unlike the old, favorite cruiser style of Dyna và the Sportster; no, Harley-Davidson motorcycles just saw the advent of something entirely different.